Nomination Papers

Legal Notice

Town of Cyr Plantation Nomination Papers

Nomination forms are available at the Clerk’s office Janet Lapierre for the following:

Second Assessor-Three Year Term

Tax Collector-One Year

Treasurer- One Year

Clerk-One Year

Nomination forms must be returned to the clerk no later than 5:00 pm on January 25, 2021.

Election day will be held on March 25th, 2021 from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm at Governor Brann School House.

Annual town meeting will be held on Saturday March 27th,2021 at 9am at the Gov. Brann School . Questions? call clerk at 868-5403

Special Notice: Due to Covid 19, date of election and town meeting are subject to change. Any changes will be posted here.


Effective immediately all public meetings and elections are cancelled until further notice. In light of the pandemic from the Coronavirus we have had to cancel any and all public gatherings in an effort to protect everyone.

Once this crisis is over we will notify the public and post the dates on the election and meeting dates. Check back here for updates or look for posting on the outside bulletin boards. We urge everyone to heed the warnings of our Gov. Officials regarding social distancing so we can ensure safety for everyone as best as possible.

Updates: Council meetings are being held using face masks and proper distancing protocols . We are not allowing the public to attend these meetings due to the increase in the covid cases. Should someone have an urgent need t meet with council please contact us . thank you for your understanding

Burn Permits

Burn Permits are required for ALL burning in Cyr Plantation.  You may contact Mike Lajoie at 868-2665  or our Clerk  Janet Lapierre at 868-5403 to request a permit.

Burning without a permit is in violation and could result in a fine.

Plumbing Inspector

Plumbing Permits are needed for all new construction and updates to systems. To ensure compliance contact our plumbing inspector as follows:

Brandon Saucier: 554-0654

Permit costs as follows: Internal Plumbing is $10 per fixture with a minimum cost of $40

External permits such as septic systems, $265.00

State of Maine Inspectors office is Brent Larson   592-7376

Property Tax Policy

The Town of Cyr Plantation has set forth a policy regarding property tax payments.

A property tax discount of 4% will be given on payments made within 30 days of postmark with a cap of $5,000.

Interest  rate of 7% will  start to accrue 60 days after postmark date of mailing and  applied on all  unpaid taxes.

Payments made after the due date will be applied to the oldest tax year along with interest that has accrued.